Education - set.a.light 3D STUDIO for educators and students

The world's first and only software for training photography.

Powerful photo studio simulator!
Learn and understand lighting!
The studio is just one click away!

set.a.light 3D STUDIO V2.5 offers both instructors and students the perfect basis for practical work. It is a simple and well-organized supplement to hands-on teaching modules.

The fundamentals of photography and "learning to set lighting" are explained in a clear and captivating manner on the PC. The software shows studio technology, optics and tools in 3D studio situations in a manner that is both interactive and easy to operate. The impact of light and colors can be identified and explored.

set.a.light 3D STUDIO V2.5 is available in a single user license for just EUR 94,- / US $ 94,-
Bigger discounts are available for volume purchases!

set.a.light 3D BASIC V2.5 is available in a single user license for just EUR 49,- / US $ 49,-
Bigger discounts are available for volume purchases!

Education - volume licenses for institutions and schools - by request (


Please contact us at or by phone at +49 711 2172805-0 with any questions about offers, licensing, or technical or organizational questions..


If necessary, it is possible to deactivate any kind of NUDE in the software! The access to the community in set.a.light 3D can also be deactivated. Please talk to us about this!

More information about licensing can be found HERE


set.a.light 3D STUDIO V2.5 for educators and students
...Overview of features

  • Important: Access to the community can be restricted or deactivated in schools.
  • a digital teaching and learning tool (assignments can be executed quickly on the PC, with convenient grading options)
  • allows for tests and quizes of all difficulty levels
  • convincing intuitive user interface
  • provides true-to-life images and lighting effects on the PC
  • eliminates the need for expensive accessories and valuable studio time
  • projects can be planned and prepared perfectly, with a Setplan export to make subsequent setup and documentation easier
  • helps users gain understanding of the effects of light
  • easy documentation and depiction of sets for your files and presentation scripts
  • Students can work through exercises at home at their own pace
  • Available soon: workshop plug-in for playback of pre-prepared workshops on various photographic topics (such as Intro to Studio Photography). In the future instructional units will be able to be added into the software automatically.

Terms of purchase

The following groups are eligible to buy and use set.a.light 3D:

Eligible for single user licences:
Teachers, primary and high school students, university students and instructors, continuing education and vocational college students (accredited programs), universities, accredited adult education programs.

Institutions eligible for volume licenses:
General and vocational schools (state accredited), accredited adult education programs, accredited vocational training institutions (in Germany: Handwerkskammer and the Industrie- und Handelskammer).

Please note:
The purchase of these volume licenses (multiple-user educational license) conveys the right for simultaneous operation of the product on the same number of
computers as you've acquired licenses for.

In general, the following applies: licences may not be resold nor used by schools or private educational institutions that do not have official government accreditation.

Students (primary/high school/university alike) must provide a current copy of their student ID or their academic registration forms.

Teachers, instructors and employees of educational institutions should identify their employment by means of an appropriate document.

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Our support team is available at no cost by phone and email.

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