Get to know the workspaces

The workflow in set.a.light 3D

set.a.light 3D is divided into three modules, each module serves a different purpose. To switch between the modules, click on the module name
in the top bar.

  • Im Modul “SETUP” passiert die kreative Arbeit. In diesem zentralen Arbeitsbereich kannst du Setups aufbauen und mit Licht arbeiten und experimentieren.
  • Switch to the VIEW module to view, render and organize your images results.
  • Use the “EXPORT” module to work up and export set plans. With the exported setplan you can start your photo shoot directly.
  • With a few clicks you can upload a setup to the “COMMUNITY” and get feedback and recognition from photographers around the world. Or
    simply present your work and give deeper insights into the process behind it.