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set.a.light 3D BASIC (MAC/WIN)


set.a.light 3D BASIC helps you preplan your perfect shoot. Now you can completely relax in the studio while working with the model and be sure to create a great image for your client or the model. The best of all, you ditch the  trial and error phase and this will save you money. The photography studio simulator for photographer.

  • Quickly gather experience with lighting
  • Experiment without great hassle.
  • Save money, because you're able to test light modifiers easily.
  • Prevent large and small embarrassments in front of the model, because you are prepared before the shooting.
  • Expand your skills and improve the quality of your images.
  • NEW: Now with Speedlights

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  • Time saving: ideal
  • Mood on set: exceptional
  • Result: perfect!
  • Learn studio photography
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Features and details of set.a.light 3D BASIC


The virtual photo studio

The virtual photo studio allows you to freely edit the dimensions and wall colours of a room and modify or save them at any time. You can construct your lighting set in it. All of the elements arranged in it can be repositioned like in a real studio. The height and angle of the lighting technology can be simply adjusted. You can move freely in your 3D studio area by means of a simple control.

Studio library

In set.a.light 3D STUDIO you will find a miscellany of studio technology and various light shapers available on the market. With it you can build, test and simulate your desired light settings and easily experiment with new settings

NEW! Picture wall

On the picture wall you can display your own pictures in the studio.

This function enables  you  endless possibilities for your design.

The uploading of image PNG files is only possible with the STUDIO-Edition.

NEW! Black/White - Color

You can switch the camera between black/white and color.
So you can plan more easily amazing black/white shootings.

Change the color of the clothes

The skin tone and skin glow of the selected model in the studio can be adjusted. The clothes of the models are divided into different categories (e.g. casual wear).

Also a pose can be selected. In the newly added detail settings (show/hide option) the color of clothing can be adjusted. The size of the model can be changed too..

Flash technology and light shapers

In set.a.light 3D STUDIO you will find a collection of studio technology and various light shapers which are available on the market. These enable you to arrange, test and simulate your planned light settings and very simply experiment with new settings.


If you want to recreate a lighting setup in a real studio, you always have the option to export a set plan. Here, you can can find all relevant values and dimensions that will allow you to build the setting in a real studio, next to the camera settings. You are now ready to get started with Studio and make some great pictures.


Light simulation in real time

Realtime Rendering
Complex algorithms within the software ensure a realistic behaviour of the lighting technology and also enable real-time light simulation and high-speed rendering of the photos created.

Realistic light characteristics

For the first time, real-light data are used in photo software in order to enable a realistic simulation of the behaviour of the lighting technology.

Measured real-light data
A procedure for measuring flash technology has been specially developed in order to achieve true-to-life representation of the lighting characteristics.


The virtual camera

The virtual camera offers all the relevant photo settings which you are used to with a real camera. Thus you can, for example, select the chip size, determine the image aspect ratio and modify the shutter, aperture and ISO number. Decide on the optics of your choice or an objective lens from your repertoire. All settings have a direct effect on the photograph, which you can see in real-time in the preview.

Depth of field

The camera represents all settings realistically. Thus, for example, the depth of field is also represented according to the selected optics, point of focus and selected aperture. This allows you try out in advance creative techniques such as depth of field in a virtual simulation.

Real-time histogram

The integrated histogram offers a permanent and direct control function for the light situation and tonal value distribution from the camera's point of view. It is the key to optimally exposed photographs, and, already during the shot, enables you to avoid over- or underexposure.


Detail settings

If an element is selected in the studio area it can be easily changed within the positioning field. Here, for example, the fixture of a light shaper can be replaced, the light output regulated or a particular light colour chosen via a colour selector. The studio space can also be edited at any time via the detailed settings Thus you can, for example, change the size of the room or the colour of the walls at any time, even retrospectively.


The Timeline, your operational control for the photo shoot

By triggering the camera, a photo is created and automatically saved, together with all relevant data for the set, in a clearly-defined timeline. From there, every setting relating to the photo can be simply reloaded into the virtual studio so that no setting is lost and remains available for future image designs.

NEW: Speedlights / System Flashes

set.a.light 3D enables you to work with the popular Speedlights now. Available for the Speedlights are different light shapers such as Octabox, Light Umbrella, Black Umbrella, Striplight and a small softbox. The possibilities are now almost unlimited - plan a on-location Shooting, or learn better how to deal with the Speedlights.

NEW: Add your one Speedlight

You can also bring your own Speedlights in the software and use it there. So you can successfully plan your next shoot and excite the model with great pictures.


NEW: Movable and customizable model


Posing Mannequins, one control element – endless possibilities

You want it, you get it – on popular demand, we are currently working under high pressure to present you moving models. Through a simple control element, you will be able to bring the model to the desired pose. So you can plan incredibly flexible and creative your light setting. Now you can also show the model the desired pose even before the shooting. A more flexible preparation has never existed!

Choose from different posing settings and bring your model with the slider easily into the right position. 

You can not only easily change the posing, but also customize the facial expressions of the model. Choose from various characters and customize these additionally how you want it. In addition, you can change the hair style and hair color. In this way you can adjust perfectly the model on your subsequent shooting.



The software may be installed and activated on one main computer. You are also permitted to install a second copy on another computer (e.g. notebook), provided that the software won't be used at the same time.

Updates are included FREE OF CHARGE. Updates include bug fixes and improvements to the software.


Difference BASIC / STUDIO Edition

Both versions have the same light calculation and basic functions.

Here you can see the differences:
  • 3 room templates: large, medium, small
  • 5 flash heads can be simultaneously used in the studio
  • On the picture wall JPG files can be loaded.
  • 7 own picture walls possible
  • Setplan with watermark
  • Rendering with watermark, max. 1200 px size
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