Our trading partners in China
Working together for successful growth in China

We are proud to develop the Chinese market together with our trade partners and thus offer the best service to our customers.
We believe that close cooperation and a strong partnership are key to our success in China.

There are currently NO trading partners in China!

Currently not available 


  1. there are currently no trusted trading partners in China.
  2. Only on this website you can get legal licenses for our software set.a.light 3D!
  3. Please buy a license only on our website to make sure you get a real license.

Warning about Illegal Sellers:

Merchants who are not listed here have not been authorized by us and are illegally selling counterfeit licenses. It is crucial that you never purchase from such sellers as both the licenses and software are fake and can cause significant harm to your computer.

We strongly urge you to refrain from conducting any form of business with these unauthorized merchants. The use of counterfeit licenses and software can have serious consequences such as security risks, data loss, virus infections, and unexpected system crashes. Buying counterfeit products not only harms you and your computer but also supports criminal activity.

To ensure that you acquire a legal and trustworthy software license, we highly recommend purchasing only from authorized merchants who are officially recognized and listed by us.