Video Guide - set.a.light 3D V1.0


The following videos show you how you can use set.a.light 3D to organize and implement your shootings.
The introduction contains the start window and the settings of the virtual rooms.

  • Start window
  • Rooms
The Camera

This tutorial explains the camerasettings.
They can be adjusted until they match your personal camera.
Also it contains information about snapshots and the shutter release.

  • Lens and Camera
  • Targetlock
  • Snapshots and shutter release
The Studio Overview

The right side of set.a.light 3D provides information about the format and lens.
The histogram shows you whether you image is going to be exposed correctly.
And the setlist, gives you an overview about every object which you studio contains.

  • Camera Preview
  • Setlist
  • Object-Lock
  • Histogram
Timeline and Setplan

This video explains the timeline where you can manage your setsettings and the shooting history.
It explains what happens from the time you take a Snapshot until the export in the Photoviewer.

  • Setsettings
  • Export
  • Photoviewer
  • Virtual memory card

In this video we explain you the detailsettings. They enable you to adjust models, light modifiers and objects to your needs.

  • Position
  • Detailsettings
  • Modelpose
Studioarea and Studionavigation

Here you can see how the functions work together. We created a setup in which we combined them.
Also you get usefull information about the navigation in the threedimensinal space.

  • Prepared Setup
  • Navigation
Tools and Functions

This clip shows you some very useful functionalities, which whose set.a.light 3D can be used much faster and smoother.

The functions that are shown:

  • what you can do with the picture wall
  • how to add a flash head to the studio (e.g. Elinchrom)
  • how the black and white mode is activated
  • how the grid can help as a positioning aid

Distance Meter & Laserpointer

Here you will learn how the distance meter works and how you can use it. In the Setplan Exporter you can also use the distance meter. The laser pointer helps the flashes in the studio easier to position.

Note: Clip language is German.

The functions that are shown:

  • what you can do with the distance meter
  • how to use the Laserpointer

Timeline Extensions - Update photo in the timeline and merge .set files together

An existing entry in the timeline (image) can now be updated.
The combining of two or more .set files into one file is possible in the timeline. How this works is explained here.

Note: Clip language is German.

The functions that are shown:

  • how to merge a .set file
  • how to update a timline entry

Speedlights / Compact Flash

Find out how to use the speedlights (compact flash) in set.a.light 3D and how you can add your own Speedlights into the software. The choice of the appropriate guide number, is particularly important.

Note: Clip language is German.

The functions that are shown:

  • how to use the speedlights
  • how to add a speedlight in to the studio

The movable model

We'll show you how to use the movable model and how you can bring it in the right position. You see how you can switch between the contained Posing-Sets and how you can adjusts the model . Also you see how you can increase the resolution in the studio (a good computer required.)

Note: Clip language is German.

The functions that are shown:

  • Reduce resolution in the studio and the camera
  • How to use the moving (animated) Model

Studio Templates

How to use the Studio template. The movable focus point gives you the full flexibility, you can focus anywhere. In the video you will learn also how to render a selection in the timeline.

The functions that are shown:

  • Studio Templates
  • Movable focus point in the camera
  • Only the selected images in the timeline can be rendered

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