set.a.light 3D V2.5

set.a.light 3D彻底改变了现代摄影师和电影制作人计划拍摄设置的方式。它为有创造力的人们提供了更快地表达自己、实现创意和避免猜测的机会。从简单的肖像摄影到复杂的摄影制作,一切皆有可能。这就是为什么初学者和行业领袖都喜欢set.a.light 3D。

深入探索一个充满可能性的世界,推动您的项目向前发展。以前从未如此轻松地获得令人惊叹的结果。这是为您而设计的 – 为电影摄影和摄影!

For Mac & Windows

Better together:

您正在寻找下一个拍摄的灵感,或者长时间以来一直在想其他创意人员如何照亮他们的设置?您在谷歌上搜索了几个小时,但仍然没有找到解决方案?我们创建了一个通过社区的力量解决这些问题的地方。社区连接了所有set.a.light 3D的用户,并帮助您充分发挥您的工作。

通过在社区平台上发布您的光线设置,您可以从世界各地的摄影师那里获得反馈,或者只是展示您的工作并在几秒钟内获得见解。找到志同道合的人,提高您对光线的技能和理解。一切都仅需一点击即可,并直接集成到set.a.light 3D中!








set.a.light 3D模拟了一个虚拟的摄影棚,提供您创建理想光线设置所需的所有细节和设备。您终于可以在拍摄开始之前尝试和实验自己的想法,而无需不必要地让模特感到无聊。就在家里舒舒服服地做吧!








用户对set.a.light 3D的评价

„Ive had chance to spend a couple of hours with set.a.light 3D V2 and I have to say it seems pretty damn incredible! Ive thrown some very complicated lighting at it and I can confirm that its handled all of the lighting as it would in the real world. Very impressive indeed.“

Jake Hicks |

„I’m trying out the demo now. It’s so much fun! And what better way is there to learn something, when it’s even fun? This will really help me to grow as a photographer. elixxier, shut up and take my money!!„

Dirk Wächter |

„A huge compliment for your software. In using your software for half a day I’ve learned way more about lighting and flashes then in lots of books for hundreds of euros.„

Tobias M. |

“I was able to test an early version of the new V2 and the difference to the old V1 is huge. Of course, the display of the new models is way more realistic – very realistic indeed, but what flashes me way more is the free movement of all (!) bodyparts. set.a.light 3D takes one more big step towards real life and makes it possible to visualize photos – long before you’ve taken a step into the studio. I’m amazed!„

Stefan Kohler von

„I’ve been using the studio version for some time now and can only tell good things about it. I’ve learned a lot. I now show a sample picture to my model, so she knows what to do – until she’s ready with all of her stuff, I built up the light setup and we’re able to shoot beautiful pictures for soooo much longer than in the past 🙂 All of the strenuous trying out on set is gone. Thumbs up“

Dirk_S |

„I’ve been using this for a couple of years now and totally agree with Joe – it’s fantastic for someone like me who doesn’t shoot that often – and as I’m usually hiring venue, MUA, model and buying outfits, accessories etc, I need to be fairly sure my lighting ideas are going to work before I turn up with a truck load of gear 🙂 set.a.light allows me to test out various sizes and shapes of light beforehand and the PDF sheets look really good and give the rest of the crew confidence in my ability to make it work :)“

Owen Lloyd | via Youtube channel of Joe Edelman

„I have had this software for about 2 years now. It is really awesome. I use it for lighting diagrams and experimenting with new lighting setups that I want to try. I save every portrait setup as a project so I can go back and be remind of my various setups. Oh yah, they give free updates for life.“

Paul Anders | via Youtube channel of Joe Edelman

„I’m often the person my creative mates come to when they have questions about light…

I’ve been fortunate enough to work in the photo/ film industry for some pretty credible lighting brands.(humble brag #dickhead but helps sell my point )

I’ve gained a lot of technical and practical experience on set, practicing on set isn’t a wise move so the secret to strengthening my skills is a piece of software called SET A LIGHT 3D.

I plan every shoot with this and can understand what my lighting is doing before I get on set!

If you work with light… invest in this before you invest in anything else!”

Luke Curtis | UK & EU Marketing Manager at Nanlite

„Wow, I didn’t know something like this exists – I bought the set-a-light 3D full version – and am so happy with that!! Now I can learn and try a lot myself before going to setup the real modeling! It was pretty frustrating for me to try the very basic stuff“

bearinch | via Youtube channel of Tony & Chelsea Northrup

set.a.light 3D V2.5 – 新时代的开端







I cannot recommend Set.a.Light enough for photographers of all skill levels. Whether trying out new lighting techniques or perfecting your existing skills, this program is essential for sharpening your skills.

Not only is Set.a.Light perfect for storyboarding and visualizing your lighting setups, but it also takes the guesswork out of lighting for clients. Simulating various lighting scenarios allows me to show my clients exactly what to expect on the day of the shoot. This gives me 100% confidence when showing up on set, knowing I can deliver the lighting setups I promised.

It’s a game-changer for pre-lighting, and it’s made a massive difference in my workflow.

Aaron Pedersen / Pedersen Studio + Associates

Ive had chance to spend a couple of hours with set.a.light 3D V2 and I have to say it seems pretty damn incredible! Ive thrown some very complicated lighting at it and I can confirm that its handled all of the lighting as it would in the real world. Very impressive indeed!

Jake Hicks / – Professional photographer, lecturer, author - England

The software gives you the possibility of creating different sets and comparing them. Playing around virtually with light and its sources and understanding its effect becomes absolutely easy. It’s the ideal tool to examine and check my ideas in different lighting situations without using my studio equipment.

Eberhard Schuy / Ad photographer, lecturer, author | Germany

I’m in Love! I can honestly recommend this software to you without any reservations. I myself use this software for educational purposes, illustrations as you can find them in this book and whenever I am planning a new idea for the next studio shoot. I really want to thank the elixxier-team for this piece of software as it greatly enables me to create visual exploration and expanded illustration for my audience!

Dan Hostettler / Professional photographer, lecturer, author | Czech Republic - Prague

With set.a.light 3D, I can explain light structures particularly easily and even show the lighting effect directly. For my assistants, it is now easier to implement my wishes specifically with the set plan and to set up the light set in the studio very quickly.
For amateurs photographers, set.a.light 3D is definitely an ingenious tool to understand the effects of light even without a studio and to reduce the nervousness before the real shoot.

Felix Rachor / Professional photographer, lecturer - Germany

set.a.light 3D is without a doubt the most incredible software tool for learning how to light. You can preplan your setups using Monolights or speedlights and loads of modifiers. You can save your arrangements and print them to provide to clients or keep as a reference for future use. set.a.light 3D really is the ultimate teaching tool and is excellent for classroom and workshop settings.

Joe Edelman / YouTuber, Profifotograf und Workshopleiter - USA

set.a.light.3D is a great program and ideally complements my workflow for preparing and planning a shoot. It fits in well with my workshops and allows me to plan the sets, to try them out and to pass them on to my participants. Especially as a beginner you have the opportunity to use the time optimally in the rented studio with this software. And there is more time for the essentials – the communication with the model and the time to take pictures.

Thomas Adorff / Professional photographer, lecturer - Germany

set.a.light 3D STUDIO is the ideal tool for besser understanding lightning and its effect. Lighting sets can be preplanned realistically and are easily implementable in the studio. set.a.light 3D is also a very useful learning tool for use in workshops.

Robin Preston / Professional photographer - London


在模拟过程中,set.a.light 3D 使用了我们自己开发的特殊实光数据,通过复杂的算法模拟辐射行为 – 这都是在实时完成的!这就是为什么你可以将你的设定一一转移到现实中。这是市场上唯一一款具有实时光线模拟的电影和摄影模拟器!


在 set.a.light 3D 中,有超过50种硬光和软光塑造器(软箱、反光板、美容碟等)可以配合蜂巢网格等使用。你可以测试你计划的光线设置,并用新的设置进行试验。所有闪光灯的输出都可以调节,它们也可以作为造型灯使用。速度灯也是可用的。



现在 set.a.light 3D 也是一款电影模拟器!来自电影摄影师、照明师和摄影导演的反馈非常好!谢谢你们!预先视觉化(Previz)你的电影制作,可以节省大量的资金!








虚拟相机实时模拟你的结果。设置裁剪系数、格式和焦距。决定你是否想要使用变焦镜头。有超过25种镜头可以使用。set.a.light 3D 提供了非常详细的计算,甚至包括深度场。你可以直接在直方图中看到过曝或欠曝。





我们添加了一整套新的连续灯光。在其他方面,你将在 Studio Library 中继续找到 Aputure 灯光和光线塑造器。并且,我们知道灯泡、床头灯、蜡烛等是许多拍摄和电影拍摄的重要部分,我们当然也将这些”实用灯具”集成到 set.a.light 3D 中。








对于室内装饰,V2 将更加广泛和全面。我们添加了大量新的家具,从沙发和椅子到桌子和许多其他物品。他们不仅更美观,而且将帮助你详细重建你的工作室或客厅等。

菜单 – 直接在虚拟工作室中



化妆不符合所期望的外观?V2 提供了不同的化妆风格供选择。肌肤的”光泽”也可以进行精确调整。


更多的服装选择,新的效果 – 性感的内衣、时尚的休闲服装或精致的商务套装。根据你的想法给衣服上色,并为你自定义造型。你甚至可以更改选定服装的纹理。

Lee 的彩色滤色片

来自著名公司 Lee 的大约40种最受欢迎的滤色片已经整合到软件中,以便进行更简单和详细的规划。其中包括CTO和CTB的滤色片。

Savage 和 Colorama 的新背景纸

不仅在彩色滤色片方面,就纸质背景纸而言也有一些重大的更新。我们拥有更多样的纸质背景纸选择,同时调整正确的颜色也更加容易。两家最大和最重要的公司 Colorama 和 Savage 的标签已经整合进来,但你也可以选择自己的颜色。


现在可以同时使用多台摄像机进行工作了 – 这对于视频行业和采访来说是一个重要因素。以前你可以放置多台摄像机,但它们并不活跃,更像是装饰物… 但现在情况有所改变!只需一个按钮,你就可以在不同的角度切换多个摄像机,从不同的角度检查你的照明 – 而不必总是围绕着同一台摄像机移动。



“我们有一个愿景 – 创建一个工具,支持摄影师在日常工作中,并扩展他们实现创意想法的机会,同时尽可能直观易用。set.a.light 3D 的想法诞生于我们自己的摄影工作室,那里尝试或解释概念以及创造性的工作通常是繁重且费力的。”


数以千计的摄影师和工作室全球范围内已经信任并使用set.a.light 3D。立即开始使用全球顶尖的摄影师工具,无需年费或月费订阅。



通过set.a.light 3D,完美的照片不再是偶然。