set.a.light 3D

Your digital photo studio
for Mac & Windows

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Make every shooting to a success, even before you touch your camera!


Create a light setup

Set up your lighting in the virtual studio and simulate your results. There are no borders for your creativity!


Export a set plan

Export a plan with all the necessary details for your equipment and technical settings. And then, start making your way to your location!


Start your shooting

Set up your equipment precisely with your new set plan. Now you have a lot of time to shoot with your model!

Create extraordinary light setups in seconds and get amazing results!

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It doesn't matter whether you're on the train, sitting in a café or working at home – set.a.light 3D gives you the possibility to get creative wherever and whenever you like.
Say goodbye to nervousness and uncertainty – hello there virtual technology of the future!

„We had a vision - creating a tool that supports photographers in their daily work, whilst as well extending their opportunities to realize creative ideas, while being as intuitive as possible. Sounds difficult, but it really isn't. The idea for set.a.light 3D was born in our own photo studios, where trying out or explaining your concepts and being creative had mostly been a strenuous and sweaty work.“

A revolutionary tool for photographers!

Good pictures often depend on your lighting and precise work on it. But you're often missing the time to set up everything calmly without any stress or nervousness.

set.a.light 3D simulates a virtual photo studio with all the details and equipment you need for creating your preferable light settings. You're finally able to experiment around try your ideas even before the shooting starts and without unnecessarily boring your model. Just do that comfortably at home!

For Mac & Windows.

Who is able to use set.a.light 3D?

Beginners & amateurs

  • Learn to use different types of light.
  • Design your own light setups and use them later on in the studio or on location.
  • Stop pushing your lights around the set and strenuously adjusting them. No bored model, less failed attempts.
  • By bye uncertainty! You're prepared, you have your set plan and you easily achieve amazing results and beautiful photos!
  • earn, learn, learn – where and when you want to with our new learning tool: Interactive explanations of great light setups with lots of tips, stated by professionals.
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  • Less trying and more shooting.

Professionals & studios

  • Prepare shootings comfortably on your computer.
  • Experiment with your creative ideas and test strenuous designs before setting up everything.
  • More time for acquiring customers and more revenue thanks to an optimized workflow.
  • Start faster on set: With your PDF- set plan your assistant will be able to easily set up everything.
  • Document shootings for following new commissions and orders.
  • Create virtual test pictures for briefings and consultations.
  • Explain photography to trainees or apprentices simply.
  • Suitable as well for leaders of workshops or teachers.

Praised by the press and recommended by professionals

set.a.light 3D is without a doubt the most incredible software tool for learning how to light. You can preplan your setups using Monolights or speedlights and loads of modifiers. You can save your arrangements and print them to provide to clients or keep as a reference for future use. set.a.light 3D really is the ultimate teaching tool and is excellent for classroom and workshop settings.

Joe Edelman
– YouTuber, professional photographer, lecturer, author - USA

I'm in Love! I can honestly recommend this software to you without any reservations. I myself use this software for educational purposes, illustrations as you can find them in this book and whenever I am planning a new idea for the next studio shoot. I really want to thank the elixxier-team for this piece of software as it greatly enables me to create visual exploration and expanded illustration for my audience!

Dan Hostettler
Professional photographer, lecturer, author | Czech Republic - Prague

The software gives you the possibility of creating different sets and comparing them. Playing around virtually with light and its sources and understanding its effect becomes absolutely easy. It's the ideal tool to examine and check my ideas in different lighting situations without using my studio equipment.

Eberhard Schuy
Ad photographer, lecturer, author | Germany

With set.a.light 3D, I can explain light structures particularly easily and even show the lighting effect directly. For my assistants, it is now easier to implement my wishes specifically with the set plan and to set up the light set in the studio very quickly.
For amateurs photographers, set.a.light 3D is definitely an ingenious tool to understand the effects of light even without a studio and to reduce the nervousness before the real shoot.

Felix Rachor
Professional photographer, lecturer - Germany

set.a.light.3D is a great program and ideally complements my workflow for preparing and planning a shoot. It fits in well with my workshops and allows me to plan the sets, to try them out and to pass them on to my participants. Especially as a beginner you have the opportunity to use the time optimally in the rented studio with this software. And there is more time for the essentials - the communication with the model and the time to take pictures.

Thomas Adorff
Professional photographer, lecturer - Germany

set.a.light 3D STUDIO is the ideal tool for besser understanding lightning and its effect. Lighting sets can be preplanned realistically and are easily implementable in the studio. set.a.light 3D is also a very useful learning tool for use in workshops .

Robin Preston
Professional photographer - London

set.a.light 3D is a remarkable software. It is not only perfect for BEGINNERS in studio photography to learn lighting setups and test it without having to rent expensive studio. But also for PRO`s who can mail their light setups to the assistant to get them started on the spot with their desired light setup.

Sascha Basmer
Professional photographer | Germany

Realtime light simulation & real characteristics

For its simulation, set.a.light 3D uses special real-light data developed by us, that emulate the radiation behavior through complex algorithms – in real time! That's why you can transfer your setup into reality one by one.

You have your whole equipment at hand

Flashes and speedlights
Choose between 50 different light shapers (reflectors, soft boxes, beauty dishes), backgrounds and lot of little helpers and props. And fort he strobists: Speedlights with attachments are available as well.

Cameras and objectives
Adjust the crop factor, the format and the focal length. Decide whether you want to use a zoom or a fixed focal length. More than 25 objectives are available. set.a.light 3D presents everything realistic, even the depth of field. You can see under- and overexposure directly in your charts.

Highlights & functions

Regulate flash output

Add own flashes

Add own speedlights

Individually define studio space

Brighteners, lamp shields & reflectors

Camera simulation

Change objectives

Change light shapers & attachment

Simulate color gels

Realtime histogram

Just photograph better and document everything with the set plan

The set plan contains everything you need to know to set up your idea of the setting in your studio or on location. No unnecessary trying around and more time to work with your model - that's a perfect base for extraordinary photographs and a successful shooting.

Professionals can record everything for appointments with customers or to brief your assistant.

Bühne frei für Deine Ideen

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What users say about set.a.light

"A huge compliment for your software. In using your software for half a day I've learned way more about lighting and flashes then in lots of books for hundreds of euros."

Tobias M. |

"I'm trying out the demo now. It's so much fun! And what better way is there to learn something, when its even fun? This will really help me to grow as a photographer. elixxier, shut up and take my money!!"

Per Gunnar Vik Mjølhus | via Youtube channel of Joe Edelman

"I've been using this for a couple of years now and totally agree with Joe - it's fantastic for someone like me who doesn't shoot that often - and as I'm usually hiring venue, MUA, model and buying outfits, accessories etc, I need to be fairly sure my lighting ideas are going to work before I turn up with a truck load of gear :) set.a.lght allows me to test out various sizes and shapes of light beforehand and the PDF sheets look really good and give the rest of the crew confidence in my ability to make it work :)"

Owen Lloyd | via Youtube channel of Joe Edelman

"I absolutely, positively, LOVE this. Pre-production is a BIG BIG deal to me, and I would love to have everything mapped out before the shoot. Imagine how much we can raise the client and subject experience :)"

Steve | via PetaPixel-Blog

"I have had this software for about 2 years now. It is really awesome. I use it for lighting diagrams and experimenting with new lighting setups that I want to try. I save every portrait setup as a project so I can go back and be remind of my various setups. Oh yah, they give free updates for life."

Paul Anders | via Youtube channel of Joe Edelman

"Wow, I didn't know something like this exists - I bought the set-a-light 3D full version - and am so happy with that!! Now I can learn and try a lot myself before going to setup the real modeling! It was pretty frustrating for me to try the very basic stuff."

bearinch | via Youtube channel of Tony & Chelsea Northrup

"I purchased this software about 2 weeks ago. Highly recommend. Great tool for learning and experimenting. Nice to sit down with your laptop at the kitchen table or a bookstore and practice studio lighting. Well worth the money!!!"

ptamike | via Youtube channel of Tony & Chelsea Northrup

"I have been using the software for a while and can only recommend it. Great program. Is worth gold."

Michael B. |

„A great program, especially if you're a beginner and want to try out and experiment around a bit. The tutorials and descriptions are clear and can be understood easily by a newcomer. All possibilities are integrated when it comes to light sources and intensity. And in my "reconstructed reality" the light just works nearly 100% just like in the software."

A. Weiss |

"Just downloaded the demo and after 2 hours of intense playing around with it, I was so fascinated that I immediately bought a license. After another few hours of trying out everything I'm still more than falling fot this software."

Heinz-Edgar G. |

„Great software for practising: A big help for photographers who aren't able to be in a studio or on location everyday. With a bit of fantasy you can even transfer it on outdoor situations/locations. Has helped me a lot so far."

blaue Maus |

"I'm working with it since about a year and I'm really impressed. I'm able to comfortably plan my shoot and my setup in advance, or I start experimenting around and go through various setups without even having to touch a model. I think set.a.light is great and I can only recommend it."

Felix R. |

"I've been using the studio version for some time now and can only tell good things about it.

I've learned a lot. I now show a sample picture to my model, so she knows what to do - until she's ready with all of her stuff, I built up the light setup and we're able to shoot beautiful pictures for soooo much longer than in the past :) All of the strenuous trying out on set is gone. Thumbs up!."

Dirk_S |

No subscription. No yearly fees.
Pay once, available from only 54,70 USD/€

Thousands of photographers and studios trust in set.a.light 3D already.
Start now with the #1 tool – without any subscriptions or regular charges.

For Mac and Windows.

set.a.light 3D BASIC

For beginners and amateur photographers and people interested in photography, who want to start with great pictures at home or in a studio and want to catch more experience within lighting and flash technology. Perfect to start with.

Special Offer until 23 Sept. 2018
$ 69,90  only $ 54,70
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Download-Version | Price in USD
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  • All main functions
  • 3 room sizes (small middle, big)
  • No own studio presets
  • Flash heads: Use up to 5 flashes at same time in your setup
  • Up to 7 own picture walls (only JPG)
  • Renderings up to 1200px
  • Free updates
  • An upgrade to the STUDIO version is available

set.a.light 3D STUDIO

For ambitious photographers and professionals, who want to save a lot of time and effort whilst in the meantime improve your results: Our premium edition of set.a.light 3D with full power and flexibility.

Special Offer until 23 Sept. 2018
$ 169,90  only $ 147,70
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Download-Version | Price in USD
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  • All main functions
  • Room is editable freely
  • Own studio presets
  • Flash heads: Use unlimited flash heads at the same time in your setup
  • Unlimited number of picture walls (JPG & PNG)
  • Renderings up to 1920px
  • Free updates

COMING SOON: Version 2.0

Get set.a.light 3D STUDIO or BASIC now and receive the UPGRADE* on to version 2.0 FOR FREE on release.

*set.a.light 3D V2 will be published on September 24, 2018. With its publication you will receive a code that guarantees you free access to your very own license for V2. This means you're good to go for two reasons - you can already use set.a.light 3D now and your usage is future-proof, because you'll obtain V2 completely free of charge. set.a.light 3D V2 is estimated to be above the current version in terms of price, so you can save money here as well.

V2 contains a completely new light calculation, which gives an astonishing photorealistic result. New 3D avatars are integrated, that allow you to move your models freely, just how you'd like to, and not to only choose between different given poses. The user surface is going to be redesigned and by that gets more flexible and intuitive to use. Stay tuned and let yourself be surprised by what else is going to come in V2!

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