set.a.light 3D

Successful photo shooting every time,
even before you have the camera in your hands!

set.a.light 3D enables you to prepare your shooting easily and plan the smallest detail, even before you enter the studio - no matter where you are. All you need is a computer and ideas! Starting today, you will save a lot of time and money with lighting setups and configuration. Experimenting and implementing your ideas and visions have never been this easy to get spot on for each and every detail.

Prepare beforehand

Good shooting begins long before entering the studio. To take home a handful of great shots at the end of the day you need more than just a camera and a model. Whether you work with only one flash in a white room or are loading boxes of equipment for your shoot - you have to know where to put everything in advance. To figure all this out in a studio can cost you a lot of time. This is a time and money investment you can save with set.a.light 3D.

Prepare your shoot to the smallest detail beforehand, at home or on the way to the studio. Test every idea until you have found the solution for every light setup you need. Export your Setplan with all settings and technical specifications to recreate your lighting setups based on your studio space.

And then: Off to the studio! Leaving you to just press the trigger on your own!

  • Set lighting setup

    At home or on your way - plan greatshootings in no time!

  • Export the Setplan

    Export a lighting diagram with all the settings and technical data (lighting setup).

  • Shoot perfect photos

    Setup up gear fast and efficiently in the studio or at home - make unique photos!

set.a.light 3D gives you security and helps you to use your
technology properly.
The photography studio simulator for photographer.

In the studio you are simultaneously the screenwriter, director and of course the cameraman. This can actually be a bit much for just one person. Often you have to handle pressure and other unpredictable factors. set.a.light helps you not only in the preparation of each shoot but also supports you to be professional and confident in the studio.

If you have your Setplan (lighting diagram) planned to the last detail before you even enter the real studio, you are prepared to deal with every surprise that comes your way. The light is not as you expected it? This won't happen to you! That's because you have played everything through in your virtual studio, on your PC or Mac. If you remember to load the batteries, everything will be smooth sailing from here on out.

  • Try out: Compare your equipment until you have achieved the best results.
  • Take your time: No one watches you while you play with your ideas. The pressure is off.
  • No surprises: You are already prepared. Enter the studio with the knowledge of where everything needs to be set up for your perfect image!

Create unique lighting setups in seconds and achieve
outstanding results.

Technical Settings

Choose from over 50 different reflectors, soft boxes and backgrounds, eight different models and many tools and props that can adapt to all your needs (colour, size etc).
And now there are also speedlights.

Camera settings

Set your crop factor, focal length and aperture. These decisions are all yours. Set.a.light 3D considers all your settings for the complex 1:1 lighting computation. The settings you have chosen will later be on your exported Setplan.

Setplan export:

A great image needs a good idea and the right combination of light and shadow. set.a.light 3D gives you the tools to create the perfect light for every situation. Print your lighting diagram - Every shoot will be a great success.

Take better photos with - set.a.light 3D

A great image needs a good idea and the right combination of light and shadow. set.a.light 3D gives you the tools to create the perfect light for every situation. Every shoot will be a great success. Take unique photos!

set.a.light 3D STUDIO

For beginners and amateurs who quickly want to gain lighting and flash photography experience to get great results in the studio or at home. Grab this great software for a small price.

set.a.light 3D STUDIO

For ambitious amateurs and professionals who want to save time and improve their images: The PREMIUM EDITION of set.a.light 3D Studio is full of flexibility and power.

Both versions have the same basic functions and the same light engine.

The differences can be taken from the right of the table.

All core functions
Room adjustments 3 room templates: large, medium, small freely adjustable and storable spaces
Flash technology 5 flash heads can be used simultaneously unlimited

You can load a separate image onto the picture wall.

Load PNG images with transparency layers.

Now you can place isolated objects in the studio or create patterns by putting a structure in front of the flash head.

Picture wall
File format: JPG
7 own screens possible
File Formats: JPG, PNG(transparency possible)
unlimited number of screens

The Setplan shows you where to place your light in the studio to get to your planned results easily.

with watermark without watermarks
Rendering with watermarks, max. 1200 px max. 1600 px
Free Updates
  $ 39,70 $ 59,90

Special Offer

An upgrade to the STUDIO version is available

$ 137,70 € 169,90

Special Offer

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"set.a.light 3D is without a doubt the most incredible software tool for learning how to light. You can preplan your setups using Monolights or speedlights and loads of modifiers. You can save your arrangements and print them to provide to clients or keep as a reference for future use. set.a.light 3D really is the ultimate teaching tool and is excellent for classroom and workshop settings."

Joe Edelman, YouTube/PhotoJoeEdelman

„I absolutely, positively, LOVE this. Pre-production is a BIG BIG deal to me, and I would love to have everything mapped out before the shoot. Imagine how much we can raise the client and subject experience. :)“

Steve, via PetaPixel-Blog

"...set.a.light 3D is a remarkable software. It is not only perfect for BEGINNERS in studio photography to learn lighting setups and test it without having to rent expensive studio. But also for PRO`s who can mail their light setups to the assistant to get them started on the spot with their desired light setup..."

Sascha Basmer, professional photographer

"I'm in Love! I can honestly recommend this software to you without any reservations. I myself use this software for educational purposes, illustrations as you can find them in this book and whenever I am planning a new idea for the next studio shoot. I really want to thank the elixxier-team for this piece of software as it greatly enables me to create visual exploration and expanded illustration for my audience! "

Dan Hostettler, via BLOG+, Sexy Women Photography

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