set.a.light 3D® BASIC/STUDIO

15-Day-Test version

Here you can download a trial version of set.a.light 3D BASIC/STUDIO. You can test the software for 15 days, the period begins after installing the software.

The trial version is not limited and can be tested fully.

By starting the software, you can choose during the test period between BASIC and STUDIO Edition.
Next planned update:
  • Speedlight / Speedlites
  • distance meter
  • Laserpointer
  • Significantly improved Setplan
  • Drag Option
  • .set File mergen (several .set Files put together)
  • Switching Metric m / ft Imperial units
  • 3D Objects (Chair, Table, Couch)
  • Crush-File/Auto Save
  • Many improvements
  • 1.00.58 (25/02/2014)

    • set.a.light 3D VIEWER (FREE .set-file Viewer by elixxier)
    • New 900 Ws power added
    • Model´s height now also on Setplan
    • Multiselect improved
    • Representation of transparent image walls improved
    • Own rooms can be deleted
    • several bugfixes
  • 1.00.57 (13/12/2013)

    • New lenses
    • New aperture f/0,95
    • Hide/Unhide function in the setlist
    • Grid with positioning aid
    • Performance enhancement
    • several bugfixes
  • 1.00.56 (30/11/1999)

    • new model (Laura)
    • pregnant model (Nicole)
    • zoomfunction for the Studio Topview (mouse wheel)
    • ability to sort timeline-entries
  • 1.00.55 (19/09/2013)

    • Hotfix
    • lower panel folded
  • 1.00.54 (11/09/2013)

    • Undo function available. Up to 30 steps retrievable
    • Change preview camera between color and black&white
    • lots of miner bugs fixes

  • Archiv
  • 1.00.53 (23/08/2013)

    • Hotfix
  • 1.00.52 (22/08/2013)

    • Bugfixes
  • 1.00.51 (02/08/2013)

    • BASIC Edition: now 7 own images for picture wall possible
    • Bugfixes
  • 1.00.50 (26/07/2013)

    • Hotfix (Skin hardness applied)
    • Setplan view optimized
  • 1.00.49 (24/07/2013)

    • Picture  wall  to fill with your own images
    • Models adjustable in  size
    • Objects can be locked in the set list
    • Objects can be renamed in the set list (double-click)
    • Optimized drag points
    • Objects can be dragged and moved  directly with the mouse
    • Modify objects in height directly with as click + button “H”
    • Revised light engine
    • Shutter speeds added
    • More lenses to choose from
    • French language integrated
    • Performance optimization
    • Divers bug fixes
    • Data handling changed. From V1.00.49 stored .set files are not backward compatible
    • Release BASIC Edition
  • 1.00.48 (24/05/2013)

    • New model with long and short dress and 3 poses
    • Hotfix language switching
  • 1.00.47 (21/05/2013)

    • Global Studio lighting with dimmer adjustable
    • 3D navigation with the right mouse button (Studio turn)
    • Tool tips
    • Shine in the eyes of the modelsRevised handles
    • Demo set directly bootable
    • Performance optimization
    • Bug fixes (E.g. special characters in file path are possible)
  • 1.00.46 (05/04/2013)

    • Standard items added (cylinder, sphere, cone)
    • Free choice of size and color of the new items
    • UI optimization
    • Multiple selection in the timeline
  • 1.00.45 (25/03/2013)

    • Color of the clothes can be changed
    • Skin tone and skin gloss customizable
    • New male model with 2 poses
    • New poses and clothes for Tina
    • New pose for Sonja
    • Multiple selection
    • Objects can be duplicated
    • Selected objects can be moved with arrow keys and adjustable in height
    • With the timeline all snaps can be automatically render
  • 1.00.44 (12/02/2013)

    • You can mirror the Model-Pose
    • Quality Options (Klick "Settings" and then "Quality Options")
    • Operation on older MacBooks now possible (no longer visible pixel blocks)
    • New Pose for Vincent
    • Reflector added
    • High/landscape switching for Mac fixed
    • Umlauts and special characters in .set files and paths now possible
  • 1.00.43 (20/12/2012)

    • Hotfix
  • 1.00.41 (18/12/2012)

    • Release publication
    • Tripods can now be disabled individually
    • Many bug fixes
    • Optimization of shadow effects and renderings
  • 1.00.28 (29/11/2012)

    • HOTFIX: Incorrect brightness effects from V 1.00.27 amended
  • 1.00.27 (28/11/2012)

  • 1.00.26 (23/11/2012)

    • New act-model with 17 poses
    • Shortcuts integrated (You can find the list in the current manual and also on Facebook)
    • Countless improvements to the light calculation
    • Bug fixes and improvements to performance
    • Studio library clearly organized.
    • Light shapers can be swapped (Select light shaper from the library and drag over light shaper to be swapped. All prior settings are assumed).
  • 1.00.25 (09/11/2012)

    • Every photo can be furnished with additional information in the photo viewer. This will also be printed onto the set plan.
    • Shadow effects now also in studio view.
    • The display quality may now also be changed via "Settings".
  • 1.00.24 (26/10/2012)

    • Set plan export has been drastically improved and new features have been added.
    • 3D models were readjusted and improved so as to appear more realistic.

    The update will require a little time after download, please don't cancel it!
  • 1.00.23 (19/10/2012)

    • Updater problems fixed 

    In case the product licence is not recognized after a reinstallation, please re-enter it.
  • 1.00.22 (16/10/2012)

    • Data access problems fixed. Please follow the instruction in the program.
  • 1.00.21 (12/10/2012)

    • Smaller problems fixed
    • Internal processes of the software improved
  • 1.00.18 (05/10/2012)

    • Program now opens in a maximized window
    • Many small improvements and fixes
  • 1.00.17 (02/10/2012)

    • Set plan as a PDF export integrated (WARNING: Set plan can only be generated from an active setting. Generating the set plan takes some time)
    • Overwriting .set data possible
    • Opening of rendered photos from the timeline now possible, no more ?
  • 1.00.14 (26/09/2012)

    MAC update issues fixed
.set files to try
.set File with rooms and picture walls
Just download the demo file and open it in set.a.light 3D.

Here you can see and learn how to use the picture wall and how rooms can be designed.
.set File with studio light settings
Just download the demo file and open it in set.a.light 3D.

Here you'll find some studio settings which shows you different lighting setups.
The settings can helps to understand the software faster.
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