License management for schools

General information:

You have the option to use the software within the school, or to let the students use it on their private computers (which the students have to return after the semester, for example).

There is the possibility for each license (user) to control the visibility of “nudity” and the access to the community for set.a.light 3d. The setting can be done in the customer account on

Access to the community should generally not be allowed for students, as a special account is required within the community and the student could publish setups on behalf of the school. For teachers, access is very useful, as the community is a huge source of inspiration that can be used for teaching.

Adjustment of customer account:
To fully control the licenses and access to “Nudity” and the community, the school’s online customer account (at must be adjusted by elixxier in advance. Therefore, please contact us after the purchase so that we can adjust your customer account. Only after that you should start with the activation.

An Internet connection is required to activate an installation. There is also the possibility of offline activation, but we do not recommend it. Three ways are available for activation (see below).

Please contact us so that we can find the best way for installation and activation together. We can set the licenses for you (Nudity, Community, if necessary, use on private student PCs) and guide you through the entire process. Please send us a message at or use our contact form below.

License Model: One license is required for each PC. So if you want to equip e.g. 50 PC’s, you will need 50 licenses. If a license is used for the teacher PC, it can also be activated on a second (e.g. notebook for home) and third device, as long as only one of the devices (no simultaneous use) is used by the same teacher.
We do not provide a license server. This means it is not possible to centrally host e.g. 50 licenses and use them on demand per seat.

There are two possibilities:

  1. Download the appropriate installer (Mac/Win) from our website and then install it on the target PC(s).
    The installer can be distributed via USB stick or network to other PCs and should not be downloaded each time from the website.
  1. set.a.light 3D can be delivered already activated by a mass deployment to the target PCs (see point 3 of the activation options).

There are three options:

  1. Classic activation with one license on each computer.
    Note: Can mostly be done without administrator
    Useful: if only a few PCs are equipped with set.a.light 3D. Instructions see below.
  1. Activation via volume license.
    Here you get only one license which can be activated on e.g. 30 PCs.
    Note: You have only one license and do not have to manage many individual license numbers. Settings for Nudity and Community apply to all installations, exceptions are not possible. It is recommended to use a separate license for the teacher’s PC.
    Please contact us to get a volume license.
  1. Activation and installation via centrally controlled bulk deployment.
    The software is already activated and will be installed automatically on all target PCs by the administrator.
    Note: It is not necessary to administer each PC separately. Recommended if many PCs are equipped with set.a.light 3D.
    Please contact us for detailed instructions.

Basically, the PCs should have an active Internet connection. However, offline activation is also possible. After activation, an Internet connection is no longer required. Only for the installation of updates for set.a.light 3D an active internet connection is necessary again.

Single user activation guide:

You can use the software within the school, or give it to the student to use on their personal computer (which they must return at the end of the semester).

  1. In the online customer account, you must set whether “Nudity” is allowed or not for the respective license. The community should generally be deactivated.
  2. Install set.a.light 3D and activate it with the appropriate license. The computer must be connected to the Internet.
  3. With the activation the settings from the customer account are transferred to set.a.light 3D and e.g. “Nudity” will be disabled.

If the settings (Nudity/Community) are changed online in the customer account after installation and activation, the button “Update license” must then be clicked in set.a.light 3D in the license management (Internet connection required). The new settings will be transferred to set.a.light 3D and applied immediately.

Please explicitly oblige the students never to pass on the licenses and to keep them carefully.

  1. elixxier must make internal settings to the license in the first step (talk to us).
  2. In the online customer account must be set to the respective license, whether Nudity is allowed or not. The community should be deactivated in general.
  3. The student downloads the software at and installs it on his PC.
  4. Please assign a license to each student
    The student activates set.a.light 3D in the license management.

Via the online customer account you can determine whether the respective license has been activated and whether the license is additionally active on a second/third device.

Return of the license (e.g. after the semester):

To make it as easy as possible for the student to return the license, we will deactivate the affected licenses, this will automatically remove the license from the student. So the student does not need to perform any action. This simplifies the process as no communication with the student is required.
We will then provide new licenses for the next semester free of charge. The new licenses can be given to the students again, or activated at the school.

Contact / Support

Simply fill out the form – we look forward to hearing from you and will be happy to help.