set.a.light 3D® V2.5 BASIC / STUDIO

Here you can download a free full trial version of set.a.light 3D BASIC/STUDIO. You can test the software for 15 days, the period begins after installing the software.

The free trial version is not limited and can be tested fully.

By starting the software, you can choose during the test period between BASIC and STUDIO Edition.
  • If an update fails, a reinstallation is recommended.
  • V2.5.6 (13/01/2021)

    • NEW: Lens 18-135 mm
    • More FPS values for film camera (120, 240, 400, 800, 1000, 2000 fps)
    • Portrait/landscape switching of the cameras now also possible in the technical settings
    • Small bug fixes
    • Hotfix for speedlights (own speedlights were not applied correctly in V2.5.5)
  • V2.5.5 (15/12/2020)

    • NEW: Model Alexandra
    • NEW: Model Kim
    • NEW: Viewing direction of the models adjustable
    • NEW: 11 new hairstyles for female models
    • NEW: 5 beards for men
    • NEW: A lot of new clothes and combination possibilities (man and woman)
    • NEW: 45 new props (incl. food and bicycle)
    • NEW: Diffusor panel - Scrim (size adjustable)
    • NEW: Video camera
    • NEW: More lenses
    • NEW: More permanent lights (Spiffy Gear Spekular, Titan Tube, Aputure LS C300D MKII, various KinoFlo)
    • NEW: 7 new softboxes for speedlights
    • NEW: Body proportions adjustable (in Tab Body)
    • NEW: Korean language added
    • Select objects and rotate them together etc. and copy them (e.g. into new snap)
    • Many detail improvements and fixes
    • Trial period reset, everyone can test the software again
    • A lot of love from the developers integrated
    • NOTE: From V2.5.3 to V2.5.5 must be reinstalled, an update from V 2.5.3 via Patcher is not possible. All personal settings are retained.
  • V2.5.3 (01/04/2020)

    • Flexible license control for schools
    • NEW: More textures for the floor
    • Hotfix for 2.5.2
    • 2.5.2 Update
    • License module renewed (in the customer account the activated PC's are visible - from V2.5.2)
    • NEW: More hair for female models
    • NEW: Cap for men
    • NEW: 2 new sunglasses for the female models
    • NEW: The color of the glasses can now be changed
    • NEW: The eyes can now be closed
    • NEW: Wall element with many textures
    • NEW: More textures for the floor
    • NEW: ARRI Lite 750/2000 Plus
    • Parabolic Softbox now with Grid
    • In the export there is a possibility to render the shadow or the model masked
    • Many detail improvements and bug fixes
  • V2.5.1 (21/01/2020)

    UPGRADE to set.a.light 3D V2.5

    IMPORTANT: The upgrade requires a new installation, it will not be delivered by automatic patch!

    Trial time reset, everybody can test set.a.light 3D V2.5 again!

    • NEW: Community to share and download light setups
    • NEW: ARRI L5-C, L7-C, L10-C
    • NEW: The models' eyelids move automatically with the direction of gaze
    • NEW: The skin of the models can be changed (light, dark, own color)
    • NEW: More hair for Mike, Thomas and Jamal
    • NEW: Glasses for Kira and Jamal
    • Minimum adjustable size of the modes now 5 cm, maximum is 500 cm
    • Many new combination possibilities of the existing clothes
    • Rendering can now also be created and exported in the export tab
    • The studio view is now displayed more nicely in the export
    • Color Gels can now be edited in the set list
    • Many detail improvements and bug fixes
  • 2.00.20 (30/10/2019)

    • New content is now once marked with NEW
    • Barndoors for ARRI M and T series
    • Barndoors for reflectors (Monolight)
    • New Octaboxes 60 cm, 80 cm and 100 cm
    • New Striplights: 35x100, 50x130 and 30x140 cm
    • New Softboxes: 60x80 and 70x70 cm
    • New Umbrellas: 105 and 125 cm Translucent (rear closed)
    • More Lenses (11-16, 16-55, 17-35, 80)
    • More pixel aspect ratios for the camera
    • ISO 25 and 64 added
    • Focus for Gobo
    • 23 new clothing variants (marked with NEW)
    • The hat can now be adjusted in color
    • 8 new floor textures (2x wooden floor, 3x stone floor, 2x tiles, 1x marble)
    • More props (armchair, sofa, tables, chairs, ladder, pallets, Apple Box)
    • Picture wall can now be bent forward (like paper background)
    • A light setup can now be deleted from the studio via "Edit" -> " Clear set".
    • The quality settings have been reworked and must be adjusted again.
    • Large optimizations at the software core

  • Archiv
  • 2.00.15 (26/03/2019)

    • New: male model Jamal
    • Fingernails and toenails can now be colored
    • Drag option now reacts finer
    • The camera now positions itself correctly when entering values directly
    • Smaller fixes
    • Note: On Windows 10 set.a.light 3D V2.0 must be reinstalled if the patcher is stopped by a warning.
    The update contains approx. 120 MB
    V.2.00.14 is skipped
  • 2.00.13 (13/02/2019)

    • Correction of the light fall-off in the close range to the object. Attention: Setups with nearby light formers on the object must be adjusted! Setups before V2.00.13 are displayed too bright (with near light sources). 
    • Light Blaster for Speedlights added 
    • New clothing variant for Victoria
    • New hairstyle for Amy
    • 8 new Poses (Standing)
    • When posing mode is active, "x" can be used to switch between advanced and simple mode.
    • Filebrowser "remembers" the last selected path also during export
    • Various small fixes
    The update contains approx. 200 MB
  • 2.00.12 (22/01/2019)

    • New hairstyle for Victoria
    • New clothing version for Victoria, Kira, Amy and Jessica
    • Eye color can now be changed (11 colors) 
    • New lenses (45mm and 75mm)
    • Templates Image is now automatically adjusted to screen
    • New power variant (4000Ws and 6000Ws) for own flashes added 
    • Fixed problem that could prevent focusing
    • Small fixes
  • 2.00.11 (21/12/2018)

    • Hotfix for renaming of pose groups
  • 2.00.10 (20/12/2018)

    • New model Amy with 10 hairstyles and 11 dress variants, glasses and make-up
    • Skin tone can be adjusted
    • Lip gloss is adjustable
    • All models have received more clothing variations
    • Pose groups can now be imported and exported
    • Two bathtubs added
    • Two glasses for Thomas and Mike
    • 3 new Arri permanent lights (T1/2 and T5)
    • Laser pointer for camera added
    • Dummy Camera now has a Targetlock and can be aligned to the model
    • Styrofoam brightener now loads size correctly
    • When renaming in the setlist, no more snaps are triggered
    • Many small bug fixes and improvements
    Das Update umfasst ca. 1.6 GB
  • 2.00.09 (29/10/2018)

    • More texture choices for Victoria and Jessica clothing
    • Fixed a bug that prevented Mac users from using PNG images for Gobo and Picturewall
  • 2.00.08 (26/10/2018)

    • Translation EN improved
    • Small bugfix
  • 2.00.07 (25/10/2018)

    • Hotfix for Mac users (deletion could cause an error)
    • Tooltips improved
    • Mirror (Shortcut M) for models and objects now possible
    • Small fixes
  • 2.00.06 (23/10/2018)

    • New hair for Victoria
    • More texture variations for several clothes 
    • New fruit box (small/large/stacked)
    • Automatically generated names for timeline entries are now displayed completely
    • The camera can now be moved more precisely
    • Permanent lights can now also be positioned by directly entering the values.
    • Redesigned multiselect in timeline and viewer
    • Replaced filebrowser for Mac systems
    • Limbs of the model can now be selected directly in FK mode
    • Reduced rotation speed for posing
    • 24 new poses for men
    • Template image now also available in BASIC version
    • Name of the flash head is now also displayed in the set list
    • The existing poses can be rearranged in your own pose slider
    • The position of the model can also be changed when the pose mode is active.
    • Resetting a pose now takes the hands into account as well
    • The height of the flash is now displayed in the correct unit in the studio
    • Path to rendering is displayed even if the setup was not saved
    • Implemented possibility of "rotation" for objects and models
    • Integrated roll film format - 6x6 cm - aspect ratio 1:1
    • Revised and improved PDF export and input fields
    • Rendering can now also be aborted with "ESC
    • All custom colors can now be deleted
    • Fixed "Render everything" and "Selected Snpas Rendering" directly from the Timeline 
    • SPACE key and moving the mouse with pressed left mouse button now moves the room
    • Snaps can now be created with ENTER
    • The rendering can be triggered with CTRL and ENTER
    • New navigation for objects and model -> rotate and heighten now with click and drag on the icon
    • Many small bug fixes and improvements
  • 2.00.05 (21/09/2018)

    • Short Hotfix for Mac
  • 2.00.04 (21/09/2018)

    • New nude variant for Mike
    • Added "poses slider"
    • Modeling light of the flashes now with option for full / proportional
    • Color temperature of the modeling lights now adjustable
    • Many little fixes
  • 2.00.03 (18/09/2018)

    • Fixed a problem that occurred while using multiple cameras
    • User Settings can now be imported from V1.0
    • Preset poses have been corrected
    • The "jump up" of Thomas and Sarah has been fixed
    • Mike's got a new dress variant.
    • Color of primary camera can be changed
    • The UI can be changed manually between 2K and 4K display (Settings-> 4k Display Mode).
    • Option "Load reference image" is now active
    • Improved display of the gobo-projection
    • Dimension lines can be deleted in the exporter
    • Many other small improvements
  • 2.00.02 (09/09/2018)

    • Fixed a problem that prevented the license from being saved on Mac.
  • 2.00.01 (08/09/2018)

    • First release for Mac and Win
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