The Community

Basics of the “COMMUNITY” module

The community BETA for sharing lighting setups and creative

With a few clicks you can upload a setup to the community and
get feedback and recognition from photographers around the
world. Or simply present your work and give deeper insights into
the process behind it. You can publish already realized projects
as well as ideas. Other users can follow your profile and you can
follow their reactions with the notifications.

The community is a collaborative community that provides you
with tips and tricks to get the most out of your shootings. You can
see how others have solved similar problems and adapt their solutions
to your needs. Find and follow like-minded people and learn
from each other. Exchange is the main focus here.

You can also browse through the ever-growing archive of light
setups and see how other photographers create their light setups.
Let yourself be inspired and discover other creative works.

Note: On your first visit to the community a short registration is

How to upload a setup to the community

If you are in the “Community” tab, you can hover over an
image in the timeline and click on the “Upload” button. Or
click on “Share Setup”. Now the screen for the upload preparation

Follow the 4 simple steps you see at the bottom of the window.
1. Render the image.

2. Adjust the studio views in the next two steps.

3. Optimize the placements on the setplan and select the
main light. Then click on “Upload”.

4. Set a title for the setup and select the appropriate categories
that apply to your setup. If you already have a real picture
of your setup, you can upload it in this step. (This is also
possible later.) Share your knowledge and experience with
the setup in the description and click “Publish”.

Note: You can still edit the text after the upload and add a result
image to the setup.

Your picture now appears in the feed.

How to download a setup

Click on the button “Download Light Setup” and the setup
appears directly in the timeline and you can open it in the
studio as usual.


How to access the community on the web

To be able to use the community on the web, you first need
an account in the community.
You can only create an account for the set.a.light 3D community directly in set.a.light 3D.

If you don’t have an account yet:
Start your set.a.light 3D and click on the “Community” tab at the top, here you can now create an account for the community.

IMPORTANT: The customer account for the store on, is different!
The login can not be used in the community.

👉 Community Web access:


You don’t know the set.a.light 3D Community yet?

The community is all about empowering creativity and providing you with the possibility of learning new lighting techniques from creatives world wide at your own pace. Browse through a growing archive of lighting setups and get inspired, showcase your work, gather feedback and discuss.


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