Export a setplan

Basics of the “EXPORT” module

If you want to rebuild a setting in a real studio, you have the possibility
to export your finished light settings as JPG or PDF in the
module “EXPORT”. The setplan contains the camera settings and
all relevant values and dimensions to build the light setup in the
real studio.

Note: If you have already made dimension lines in the SETUP
module, these will be displayed in the EXPORT module.

Opening the EXPORT module
To open the EXPORT module, click on the EXPORT tab to the right
of the menu bar.

Select Setup
In the Timeline (left) you can select the image for export. If the
image is selected, you will see the light setup in the middle and
the adjustment options on the right.

Adjustment options

In the right bar you have the possibility to choose a template for
the setplan and make various adjustments.

Note: Changes to a template are saved to the file for each set

Select output format

There are two options available for exporting a setplan: JPG and
PDF. The JPG option allows you to export a setplan that is optimized
for web output. The PDF option provides you with a print
optimized setplan.

Select and customize template

In this area you can select a template and change it (output size,
outline, color).

Show header bar and own logo (JPG-Setplan)

Here you can activate a header bar in which you can assign a title
and integrate your own logo. Once you have provided your logo, it
will remain available in set.a.light 3D.
Click in the title field to enter a title.

Adjust top view
With a click on the right mouse button you can move the visible
area of the top view (alternatively with the help of the control
“Move view”(). You can zoom with the mouse wheel or the
control element “Zoom magnifying glass” ().

Setting options

The following options are available in the setting options for the
top view:
• Display dimension
• Show grid
• Display information fields (and lines)

Adding Dimension Lines
To better estimate the distances, you can draw dimension lines in
the diagram. If you have already inserted dimension lines in the
studio area, these will be displayed here.

To add a new dimension line, proceed as follows:

a) Dimension line between two objects:
1. Click on the object where you want the dimensioning to start
and drag the dimension line with the mouse button pressed
down to the object where the dimensioning will end.
2. The line automatically snaps into the center of the object.

b) Dimension line from object to any point

1. Click on an object and drag the dimension line with the mouse
button pressed down and the alt key held down to the point
where the dimension is to end.
2. Release the mouse button to create the end point (pin)

Deleting a dimension line

Click on the dimension line you want to delete. If it is activated,
you can remove it by pressing the “Delete” key (Windows) or the
Backspace key (Mac OS).

Info fields in the top view
You can move the info fields visible in the top view so that they
are ideally placed for export. The info fields contain all important

Example Info field Studio Flash

Example information field Speedlight

If you want to add additional notes in the top view, you can insert
a new text field by clicking on the icon () in the top left corner.
If you pull on the lower right corner with the left mouse button
pressed, you can change it in the dimensions. Click in the text box
to enter a text. The text box can be moved by clicking and dragging
on the border area.

Adjusting the studio view
The Studio view gives you an overview of the spatial situation of
the set. In this field you can rotate the view and adjust the section.

Note: The navigation of the studio view corresponds to that of
the studio area in the “SETUP” module (main window). Therefore,
you can also rotate the view here while holding down the right
mouse button.

Further settings can be found on the right in the section “3D Studio

The following options are available here:
• Show or hide floor and walls
• Show grid (on the ground)
• Change the brightness of the 3D view
• Adjust the angle of view

Preview picture
If you hover over the preview image, you have the option to render
the image (if you have not done so already) or to place a picture of
a computer (for example, a picture that you want to take a picture
of and want to share with the setplan, or post after the shoot)
your result picture).

PDF Templates

The PDF option offers you a print-optimized set plan.
There are various info fields that you can edit and enter a text.
Click in the text field to be able to edit it (a frame appears in the

The following text options are available:
• Rename image (enter title)
• Enter studio, photographer, customer, date
• Enter notes

Exporting and saving a set plan

To export a set plan, click on the “Export” button at the bottom
right. In the opening Explorer you can name and save the JPG or